Water Slides: Different Experience of Water Attraction

For you who love to play in Water Park, you must be very familiar with water slides. In facts, in Water Park, you can find many types of slides. Playing water slides gives you different experiences than only swimming in the pools. It will give you more thrill and excitement. We are going to discuss briefly about water slide and some types of water slides that are known today.


Water slides are a type of water attraction than you can do and find in Water Park. Water slides usually will be in a shape of flumes that are connected from the top to the bottom. The flumes can be arranged conventionally or uniquely. However, it is design to bring or slide someone from the top to the bottom. Water slides use water in the flumes. The water will help you slide faster and smoother. So it is like the lubricant. Water slides will pump up the water to the top and stream the water along the flumes or slides. In the bottom of each slide there will be a pool that will be a finish spot.

Types of Water Slides

There are many kinds of water slides that you can find the water park. Traditionally, there are two types of water slider. First is called body slides. This kind of slide only requires a person to sit directly in the surface of slide. Commonly this type of water slide is found in some water slides that have small flumes such as simple flumes and speed slide. However, it is possible to be used in other big flumes such as in AquaLoops or Bowls. The second type of slides is called inline tube slide. This kind of slides will require a tube than can be ridden by two until four people.

That is a brief explanation about water slides. Hopefully, it will enrich you information and knowledge about water slides. So don’t only play on it, but learn something about it.